The Four Quadrants of Pain Management



  1. Anti-Inflammatories
  2. Muscle Relaxants
  3. Neuropathic Agents
  4. Topical Agents
  5. Agents for Chronic Abdominal Pain
  6. Opioids
    1. Side Effects Patient Brochure: here
    2. Taking Opioids Safely Patient Brochure: here
  7. Buprenorphine-Naloxone (Suboxone): for opioid use disorders and chronic pain. Covered by Medical carve-out.
    1. RFPC Bupenorphine Guidelines here, and home induction guide
  8. Pain Consultation for Medication & Interventional Pain Management: ZSFG Pain Management Clinic: e-Referral
  9. Non-Benzo Insomnia TreatmentGuide: here
    1. ECW Screen-Shot: here
    2. Additional DPH info on naloxone: here
    3. Patient flyer: here
  11. Wound clinic referral: here
  1. Physical & Occupational Therapy
    1. One-on-One: eReferral
    2. Laguna Honda Aqua Therapy: eReferral
    3. Home-bound patient: Health at Home Referral: eReferral
    4. Back Class: eReferral
  2. Healthy Spine Clinic: GMC and FHC patients: How To Refer
  3. Physiatry Referral (botox, bracing): eReferral
  4. Joint Injections
    1. Ortho Joint Injection Clinic (Wed AM): eReferral Ortho. Write “Referring for Joint Injection Clinic”
    2. Family Med Procedures Clinic: eReferral Minor Procedures Clinic
    3. Knee Injection article & video
    4. Shoulder Injection article & video
    5. Trigger Point Injection Article, Procedure and Video
  5. Orthotics Form & diabeteic shoe form
  6. Exercise Programs
    1. Wellness Center calendar
    2. Simple Back Exercises handout here
    3. Salvation Army gym membership $25/mo. 240 Turk St (at Jones)
    4. 30th Street Senior Center (age >60)
    5. Wellness Works counselors
  7. TENS Unit: Covered by Medical. Ordering Agency: Tenspede Medical Inc. #800-647-1010. Fax #530-885-3631. Send prescription, patient facesheet, and last chart note. Representative will train pt in use.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Cognitive and Behavioral

  1. Free Chair Massage at the Wellness Center: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 11am
  2. FreeAccupuncture:
    1. HERC Wellness Center in Bayview
    2. Glide Memorial Church: 330 Ellis, Mon AM, Tues PM, Thurs PM, Fri 10-3pm
    3. Southeast Health Clinic-Thursday 10-12pm
  3. Free Yoga
    1. Wellness Center calendar
    2. Yoga To The People 16th & Mission
  4. Mindful Activity Handout: here and here
  5. Breathing Exercises Handout: here and here
  6. Relaxation Exercises Handout: here
  7. Medical Marijuana Form here
  8. Additional Resouces here and a nice complrehensive guide here from San Francisco Health Plan
  1. Chronic Pain Group: 12 weeks, Monday afternoons at ZSFGH. Refer via Behavioral Health Team
  2. Warm Handoff to Behavioral Health in Clinic. Refer via Behavioral Health Team
    1. Short-term therapy
    2. Group classes, Eng & Span
  3. Mental Health ACCESS line (all SF): 415-255-3737
  4. Chronic Pain in Five Minutes Video here and with Spanish subtitles here
  5. Chronic Pain Toolkit Video (9 Minutes) here
  6. Sleep Hygeine Handout here
  7. Chronic Pain Toolkits for patients here. Pain Flare Plan here
  8. Ladies Night: Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, Thursday nights are free. 165 Capp (near 17th street)
  9. RAMS Peer Support Wellness Center (Market and 9th, 1282 Market) - cooking, art, and exercise classes, free
  10. EDUCATION: refer patients to the American Chronic Pain Association Website; chronic pain Facebook groups; Chronic Pain Toolkit by Peter Moore here.


Raya Aliakbar
UC Davis Master of Public Health Candidate
Jacob Stultz
B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Nikhil Bellamkonda
B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior